Now Serving Filipinos in the United States of America and the World VIA Online HD Audio Streaming   Filipino Radio Keeps FilAms Tuned In  New York - Radio is the fastest way of providing news and information to the public.  Because of it’s accessibility, the public depends on it for newsbreaking stories.  It also speeds up communication between two parties who can be hooked through the simple technology of radio airwaves and telecommunication. In the United States, more specifically the FilAm community in Metro New York, radio broadcast is more than just a source of news.  For many who have to deal with the loneliness of being separated from their loved ones, it’s a constant companion, a friend.  To these people, their day will not be complete if they were not able to tune in to their favorite programs which varies from dialogues to dramas, entertainment, and live broadcast in Manila. This is how Filipino immigrants regard Radio Pinoy, a radio network that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Radio Pinoy is considered the official radio station of Filipinos in most parts of New York and New Jersey. © Radio Pinoy USA 2013 designed by engr_bongz